Saturday, August 17, 2013

Always Behind...

People are always asking me if I've made anything new lately.  Like it's perfectly reasonable and natural to assume that an artisan with a normal part-time job, a husband and household to care for, disabled grandparents-in-law to help out, animals, yard and etc... to care for; and current apartment re-model to work on; should have all of the creative time in the world.

(I have been painting.  A LOT.  Does that count?)

Ok.  Alright, I know.  It is reasonable.  That's my job as an Artisan, right?  I'm supposed to make time.  (That would be somewhere right in the middle of getting home from a day of landscaping design/implementation; showering, making a fresh from-scratch dinner (you can reference post below to see that I do actually cook from scratch.  Nice food, too!), kissing my DH; eating, cleaning, catching up on each other's day, and going to bed, right?).
Honestly, I am always working on something, but my problem is not in the making, but in photographing and listing!  Why those simple-sounding tasks should be discouraging for me, I would very much like to know; so if you have a clue, please tell me.  But taking good photos and writing descriptions is the hard part!  (and not only good pictures, but 5 good pictures each! Gah!).  So, as always, I'm still trying to catch up with pieces I made months ago.  Yesterday I got a few listed.  Thought I might as well brag on myself and share.  Maybe that will make me feel so good that I go on a listing rampage.  Hah. 

Siobhan - Elegantly Forged Celtic Bracelet
Fond Embrace - Recycled Copper Artisan Bracelet
Chains of Silk - Convertible Gypsy Wrap: Bracelet, Necklace, Anklet.

Circle of Life - Delicate Celtic Chain Bracelet, Handforged in Copper
If anyone actually takes a look and comments to let me know, it would make my day :)

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