Saturday, April 2, 2011

As I was browsing on Etsy, I fell down
nattyboho's rabbit hole.....

Alice Hat, by nattyboho

Alice Dress, by nattyboho

Aren't both of these to die for?!? She had a Mad Hatter hat, which I loved best, and then she has a "Dapper Hat", which I also love best; but for a cohesive theme, I'll stick with the Alice items :)

Etsy is just so much fun! I'm also working out a trade for a gorgeous little top I fell in love with from another seller. Perhaps I'll blog about it when/if it all works out.




Anonymous said...

I want a top hat... .:o

~*Victoria*~ said...

So do I! I have a tiny ladies one I got for my Alice in Wonderland costume for the premier of the Tim Burton movie... But I would love to get a full-sized top hat that I can actually wear, eventually :)

~*Victoria*~ said...

And, uhm....Brennan, is that you? I didn't know you blogged!

Anonymous said...

I used to... Recently decided to try my hand at it again.