Monday, September 28, 2009

~Riddler's Knot~

Hello all!

Today I would like to feature this enchanting ring design from

I was just reading a fantasy book the other day where the hero was given a puzzle ring and told that if he could solve it, he could keep it. Not until further into the book, as he advanced toward his destiny did he achieve the clear sight needed to solve the riddle, and he wore the ring proudly as a sign of that.

Imagine my surprise and delight to find this beautiful puzzle ring on etsy, and finally understand what I could only imagine before!

Everyone should take a look, it is amazing :o)


Anastasia Rinaldi said...

Wow! I was just looking at puzzle rings the other day! This one is awesome! I've never been able to solve them though haha, thanks for the link, I'm heading over there right now!

Anonymous said...


~*Victoria*~ said...

Earwen - Yes! LOL, it was Eldest! Awesome book :o)

Anastasia - I had never seen one before! I think it's amazing. I want one :o)

ChallenCharms said...

My friend has a puzzle ring. I think they're awesome. What a great find! I wish I had the money to purchase that.