Tuesday, September 22, 2009

~Deep In the Forest~

......There lived an Elf who created unrivaled works of beauty. They were sought after by all the court, for they were very rare.........

And, oh, I am in LOVE with this necklace :o)

Introducing Anastasia Rinaldi, the creative artist behind retsina.etsy.com. Her shop is full of creative peices, and I just think this one is stunning. Enjoy!


I just found out that there are 2 giveaways currently ongoing for Anastasia's lovely Bella Moonstone ring, inspired by the one worn by Bella in the movie Twilight:

Simply Stacie

January Wish


talulahblue said...

Very lovely, I must go there to find out what it is xx

~*Victoria*~ said...

Oops, lol. *sheepish grin* I forgot to mention that it was a necklace, didn't I?